When we meet with a new residential client for the first time, the most common question we are asked is “Where do we begin?”.  Following are five simple things you can do to prepare for your meeting with your architect.

  1. Vision:

Do you have any photos, magazines, online pics, or any images that captures the feeling or vision that speaks to you?  This may sound overly simple, but architecture speaks a visual language.  For me as an architect, seeing the clients images allows me to see through their eyes.  So helpful!

2.  Locate your Property Survey and any Existing Drawings of your home:

The property survey is a key piece of information for determining the location, (such as distance to property lines),  and size of any potential additions to your home.  With a property survey, we are able to investigate the local zoning ordinance and its impact on your design plans.Existing drawings of your home are a great starting point.  Usually these are in the form of construction drawings (sometimes called a “blueprint”).   We will still have to measure and confirm the sizes indicated on the existing drawings, but they are an excellent reference.

Home renovation New Jersey3.   Explore the Scope of your Project

Create a wish list, needs, wants, likes and dislikes.  As residential architects, we walk our clients through a visioning and interview process to develop the project scope and identify the most important design elements.

4.    Establish a Project Budget

This is often the most difficult question for our clients.  Often our clients will say they really don’t know what construction costs are and need help to develop a realistic budget.   We work through design options with our clients, allowing our clients to balance cost and benefit for various design directions.

5.     Determine Target Completion Date

The design and construction process takes time.  If you have any key target dates, or special events, please identify those at the first meeting so we can review the process, possible time lines and feasibility.

Download the list!5 Simple Steps to Start Your Home Renovation

5 simple steps to start your residential project