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We’ve developed a simple step by step process to guide our clients through the design process!

Inside Architecture has a simple step by step design process to help our clients bring their projects to realization.  We’ve heard so many construction horror stories of cost overruns, code nightmares, unmet schedules and architects that seem to design without consideration of the clients vision or budget. In response Inside Architecture developed our “Blueprint for Design” a process that allows our clients to explore their potential project in measured steps.

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The First Step is an Initial Consultation with Inside Architecture. The initial consultation is by phone during which we’ll discuss your specific project in detail and the necessary steps to move forward.

Time to start designing :  “Concept Design” is the first part of the design process.   We walk our clients through this phase which involves visioning, project scope definition, understanding of existing conditions, zoning review, as well as design options and cost feedback.  At the conclusion of Concept Design, our clients have a clear direction for their project.

Converting a barn to a home. Meeting in the barn to discuss the Concept Design

“The Project Journal” is an integral part of Concept Design for our Residential projects.  

Project Journal


Project Implementation” is the second part of the process.  With the Concept Design complete and a clear direction for your project in place, we will proceed to the next steps which include refining the design and developing the construction details.  We will review in more depth the spatial, functional, and aesthetic requirements, as well as investigating finishes, materials and construction methods to be utilized.  The ideas and solutions will then be refined into detailed construction drawings.


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Are you interested in more information?  What are your next steps?

How to hire an architect mind map of the design process

  •  Give us a call to schedule a Initial Consultation.  If you’re looking for an preliminary understanding of where to begin and what the process may be, please call our office to schedule a phone consultation.  Call now:  609.737.4353
  • Would you  like a brochure that describes in detail our Blueprint for Design Process?  Just complete the form below.  Please tell us a little bit about your project and we’ll be in touch!


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